While we love living in the country and operating our Nebraska cattle ranch, we also enjoy traveling. Wherever we have gone, we have met interesting, friendly people and learned about their values and way of life. We have toured cities, national parks, rain forests, beaches, and enjoyed what each has to offer.

After meeting and talking with people from all walks of life, we realized a lot of them don’t know much about cattle ranches out here in Nebraska, and they are often interested in learning more about real cowboys, their horses and the whole ball of wax. We decided to share this outdoor experience with others and started Big Blue Ranch & Lodge to give our guests a look at what goes on at a working cattle ranch.

Scott grew up working on the ranch, hunting, fishing and identifying wildlife. It comes naturally to him to see a hawk in the distance or point out a deer or coyote on the next hill. He knows the topography of the ranch and the seasonal changes. He can tell how a calf is feeling by just watching the herd.

Billie Kay grew up in a town near the local country club and that’s about as close to the country that she ever got, until one day Scott Bodie came along and sat down beside her and said, “I’d like to get to know you better.” Since that initial meeting, it’s been a a wonderful journey and a thrill ever since!! We’ll be your hosts and will make your ranch adventure, hunting, fishing, bird watching or photography a memorable experience.

If you prefer to just relax, the Big Blue Lodge is a great place to enjoy the lake view from the big covered porches, or sit by the fire and read a good book. Come alone or come with a group and have a family vacation, reunion with good friends or corporate retreat. We welcome you to Big Blue Ranch & Lodge. Enjoy your ranch experience.