Named one of Eight Great Ecotourism Opportunities in Nebraska by the University of Nebraska, Big Blue Ranch & Lodge offers a number of compelling attractions that offer an escape into nature.

With only 4% of the region’s tall grass prairie still in existence the ranch is an ecological gem with groves of trees, large ponds, and original as well as restored grasslands. Thanks to generations of sustainability-minded Bodies the ranch is home to a large amount of ecological diversity that continues to be nurtured with carefully controlled rotational grazing, inter-seeding beneficial legumes, and controlled burning.

Caring for the land has led to a large amount of wildlife diversity as the open prairie, woodlands, lakes and draws have been preserved and protected as habitats for whitetail deer, turkey, raccoon, badger, ground squirrel, ground hog, red squirrel, coyote, skunk, fox, bobcat, shrew, fire flies, toads, leopard frogs and bull frogs. This variety of animals and habitat allows for full days of exploring and nature watching.

Perhaps the most notable resident of the ranch is the Greater Prairie Chicken. People come from across the country and even internationally to view and photograph the dance of the Greater Prairie Chickens each spring. This is a terrific opportunity where you can intimately experience nature viewing them from a blind with the naked eye, through binoculars, or the lens of your camera. The spectacular males stomp, jump, strut, cackle and boom in this mating dance.

As the evening comes, go out on the porch to take in sunsets over the 20 acre lake and listen for coyotes howling, for the great horned owl hooting, and for turkeys gobbling. Enjoy the vastness, space, freedom, and natural beauty of the setting.

Once night has fallen, head outside for star gazing. Serious astronomers consider Big Blue Ranch an excellent dark space. But you don’t have to be a serious star gazer to appreciate the stars and Milky Way that are visible in the night sky.

If you’re interested in booking a trip to spend some quality time in nature come to Big Blue Ranch & Lodge.